Värske saak / New creations

NB! The english text is below!

Nädalake mudimist,rullimist, kombineerimist, küpsetamist, liivapaberiga nühkimist ja otstatut poleerimist ning värske "fimo-pesakond" hakkabki lennuvõimeliseks saama...

Kel tärkas lähem huvi, andku märku või kiigaku minu poodi.

After week filled with rolling, baking, sanding and polihing - first of new polymer clay items are ready!

You can see the very first of them here and in my Etsy shop.


ArtMind said...

These actually do give you a jungle feel, Leina! Rainforests and warm weather, wish I was there! ;)

glasfaden said...

They look great!! Very funky! Looking forward to the other ones :)

StaroftheEast said...

They all look so yummy, Leina!!

Kreativlink said...

I still treasure the buttons I have from you. These look wonderfull too!

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