Uued taevakehad / Fresh nebulas

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"Käsitöö-taevas" on vahepeal täienenud kahe uue kosmose-prossiga:

The MUM - Needle Felted Universe Inspired Wearable Art Brooch
Kogu taeva valitseja "The MUM" särab täies hiilguses ning põhjustab aegajalt mum-torme. Vaata pilte veel siit ja siit!

The PINK FIREFISH NEBULA - Needle Felted Wearable Art Brooch (XBY000-09)
"Roosa tulekala" udukogu on aga siiani teadlaste jaoks nii müstiline ja mõistatuslik paik, et temast eriti palju ei teatagi...

There are new shiny objects found in the "Crafters Sky"! More pictures can be found here and here.

The MUM - Needle Felted Universe Inspired Wearable Art Brooch
Here it is - the ruler of the whole Crafters Sky – The MUM. Our planet is orbiting this typical Sun-like main sequence star, also known as XBY000-08.

When you have a proper telescope and the right filters, you can see that the MUM is actually really very dynamic object.

In times of higher activity, there are mumspots on the MUM 's surface, and dark lines rippling across it’s surface. These darker lines are known as filaments and then when we see them side on, they're prominences.
The inner filaments visible here are being ejected by strong wind of particles from the MUM.

The PINK FIREFISH NEBULA - Needle Felted Wearable Art Brooch (XBY000-09)
It looks like weird pink deep sea creature in the sky - The Pink Firefish Nebula, also known as XBY000-09 is still quite a mystery for scientists.

It lies toward the constellation of the Woven Sea. Its distance is not well known but estimated to be about 6000 light-years.

In the heart of monstrous Pink Firefish Nebula lies huge bubbles of energetic gas, long filaments of silvery dust, and unusually massive stars and it is blowing out gas and dust in two opposite directions. These blasts of gas are traveling at speeds up to 1 000 000 km/h.


Sabina said...

very beautiful! Lovely works!

Michelle said...

They are stunning!!

KK said...

Ilusad! Sulle istub see taevateema :)

gr8jewellery said...

Fantastic work!

Rita alias alatvian said...

Beautiful creations!

ingermaaike said...

I love the brooches and the stories!

X by Leina Neima said...

:=) Tänud KK - mind tõesti tõmbab kohe see teema ning veedaks mõne päeva Hubble pilguga ilmarumi uurides tõesti...

Thank you ladies for your lovely comments...

viki said...

Appi nad näevad täiesti ebamaised ja üleloomikuld välja :D

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