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See imeasi on Nadine Sterki lamp "Sleeping Beauty".

Lamp, mis käitub nagu elus organism ja koob iseennast järjest pikemas!

Link (via boingboing)

Nadine Sterk, Sleeping Beauty, 2006, Design Academy Eindhoven, Atelier.


I love this really unusual creation - Nadine Sterk's Sleeping Beauty lamp!

It’s "a lamp that develops like a living organism: switch it on and it slowly starts growing by knitting its own lampshade at a speed of three rotations per hour."

Link (via boingboing)


Kreativlink said...

WOW! Indeed!
Would love to see it "in real"

ingermaaike said...

I need to make me a lamp like that, coolness!

ixela said...

Incredible find... love it too much!!!

Star of the East said...

Wow such a cool lamp!!
*wondering how much it costs...*

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